The World of Ever

 Here you will find drawings and artistic photographs that depict the world of Ever. 

*Due to educating myself on AI art and the theft involved in generating AI images, I have decided to remove them all from my website. I do not condone the use of stolen art. As I am able to afford to do so, I will have actual artist's render images here or I will create more myself.

A Map of the Known World

A map of the known world showing the twelve nations named after the Greek Zodiacs. The lands include Canada and the northernmost part of the United States.

Map created by Maxwell Donahue. 

Sai of Sarafa

A light skinned trans man named Sai holding his sword near his body with bloody hands. His face is obscured by his black hair.

These are concept photos showing what Sai might look like after and during a battle against Scorpio. 

Photo art done by me.

Picture is showing Sai's hands holding a sword in a ready position in front of himself. He is also holding a piece of red fabric that is being blown away from him in the wind.
Light skin trans man named Sai with black hair holding a katana with bloody hands. His face is obscured by one of his hands.