Sen Taylor

Author of Ever: Forged into Midnight now available on Amazon

Message from the Author:

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of Forged into Midnight!  I truly hope you enjoy the beginning of this tale and the many sequels to come. 

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a white nonbinary person standing against a tree with their arms crossed. They are wearing a black shirt and have short, black hair.]

Who is Sen Taylor?

Sen Taylor is the author of the new dystopian series Ever which features a trans protagonist. The first book is Forged into Midnight and will be released on February 21, 2023.

Sen has been imagining and writing stories for as long as they can remember. As they are nonbinary, they know the struggle of body dysphoria and gender identity, and this lifelong journey is directly reflected in their writing. In addition to this, their extensive study and acquired bachelor's degree in History from the University of Davis, California along with their career as an interpreter have been especially influential.

Sen lives in Sacramento, California with their husband Eli and their Shiba Inu Navi.

Editorials for Ever: Forged into Midnight

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A domed observatory in the mountains at sunrise. The text reads: “An epic post-apocalyptic tale that explores nationalism, gender, and war… Rich in character psychology…A read for entertainment and imagination…There is more going on than meets the eye.” Independent Book Review]
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A library inside a well-lit, circular room. The text reads: “Ruminative, queer dystopian fable... The writing is engrossing and punchy…and the action is energetic… A vigorous yarn that mixes stout swashbuckling with moody reflection.”  Kirkus Reviews.]

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 A trans man standing in the center of the cover. You can only see him from the neck down to the tops of his thighs. He is wearing a dark blue Sagittarian uniform with black, leather bands wrapped around his arms. His is gripping one in his fist. The other hand holds a Scorpion. His chest is branded with a Sagittarius symbol. Behind him is a gold, glowing zodiac wheel

Ever: Forged into Midnight

Stories of war raised young Saya. In her nation of Sagittarius, little girls were molded into dutiful Sagittarian wives and mothers. But Saya wanted nothing more than to become a brave and honorable Sagittarian soldier, fighting against Scorpio, just like her father. She knew in her heart she was a boy, and nothing felt heavier than the expectations her nation imposed upon its children who had bodies like Saya's. That is, until the day she discovered what the weight of unspeakable tragedy feels like. Suddenly, with sword in hand, a quiver full of arrows, and a new name, Sai is thrust into an unprecedented life. He finally got what he had always wanted... but at what cost? 

A black and white close up of an eye that shows terror. In the iris, a red door is reflected. Black cracks in the skin are creeping out from the eye. Beads of sweat form above the eyebrow. The title "It Was Never You" is red.

It Was Never You

On nights when the moon is full and you are seen plainly, if you listen very carefully, you will hear the soft breathing outside your window. You will think it is perhaps the northerly breezes visiting from the distant seas, but you would be wrong. Still your head against your pillow and cease the rustling of your restless legs under the blankets. Listen. Do you hear that? 

Just moments ago, you changed into your pajamas while contemplating whether you should sleep in nothing at all; a return to the feeling of a womb as you crawl into bed and wrap yourself up within your covers. You did not cast away your garments for this sensation, but you still found security and are ready to journey away from the waking world. 

This world is cruel. This world is stale. The only thing that breathes life into you is when you shut your eyes and slip into that state that mimics death. Only, there are dreams awaiting you... 

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The Whispers

... We have long heard the whispers. We knew they were coming draped in midnight blue with swords and bows strapped to their bodies while they tower over us on horses bred for battle. 

The whispers said that a bull could not stand up to a centaur. They quaked in fear. Otherssaid that a centaur would bow to our horns thrusting up into their chests that were much too proud and exposed. 

These whispers did not understand that our faith did not manifest such horns upon our heads. Our faith did nothing to prevent the centaurs from becoming bloodthirsty men who climbed down from their steeds to thrust their boots into our necks... 

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